Brick Toast Cafe puts the highest quality ingredients together to bring you our Signature Brick Toast Sets.

TOAST: Texas cut toast with its unique characteristics make our Brick Toast easy to share. No brick wall waste and enhances the ultimate flavor.

GUNTHER’S ICE CREAM: All time local creamy from Sacramento. Gunther’s has been neighborhood’s favorite for 75 years. The traditional style ice cream is the best choice to go with our signature Brick Toasts.

HONEY: Local Wild Flower Honey highlights the Brick Toast with just the right amount of sweetness. Its health benefits may also reduce symptoms caused by pollen allergies.

WHIPPED CREAM: Fresh in-house made whipped cream for each Brick Toast order. A hint of vanilla brings every ingredient together into the Ultimate Brick Toast Experience.

Boba Tea

At Brick Toast Cafe, we hand shake each boba tea order to perfection.

To ensure the best cup of boba, we begin from the Boba Tea Origin – Taiwan. All ingredients are imported from boba’s birthplace: loose leaves, tapioca, and individual premium flavor.

When we shake boba tea, tiny ice bits are created. In addition to the refreshing taste, these ice bits also incorporate teas and toppings for our high standard Boba Tea.

Temple Coffee


Temple Coffee’s direct sourcing program is what makes Temple a special roaster. Next level of fair trade.

“A coffee’s story begins at origin. And so that’s where we start. Our direct-sourcing program “Farm to Cup” is modeled to incorporate our three pillars of sustainability: social, economic, and environmental.”

We order beans today, they roast tomorrow, then shipped the next day. Freshness is key that make Brick Toast Cafe Coffee irreplaceable.